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Panasonic RPHT225 Headphones

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Get the sound you desire, with the Panasonic RPHT225 headphones. The ferrite magnets of these supra-aural headphones reproduce stereo sound with deep bass effects. 

The closed supra-aural design of these Panasonic headphones reduces external noise, retaining the originality of the music. 

You can comfortably listen to music, thanks to the headband and the soft ear-pads of the Panasonic RPHT225 headphones. 

These supra-aural headphones come with in-cord volume control for added flexibility. With a frequency response of 18 Hz to 22 kHz, these headphones enable you to listen to a range of sounds. 

Featuring a sensitivity rating of 100 dB, these Panasonic headphones efficiently convert power to clear sound.