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Verbatim DVD+RW Blank Rewritable Discs - 25 Pack

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The advances that Verbatim is making, is nowhere clearer than in the world of recordable DVD media with the introduction of 4x DVD+RW discs. Verbatim's DVD Rewriteable formats use a Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL). SERL ensures that noise-free recording can be enjoyed time and time again. With conventional Re-writeable media, the recording layer deteriorates with every rewrite, meaning a decrease in quality. With Verbatim Re-writeable media however, the recording layer is returned to perfect condition on every erase cycle, leaving a flawless disk for the next recording. SERL also enables this media to enjoy excellent archival stability and high-speed recording. This means users can enjoy perfect, high-speed data storage every time.

Once again, by using Verbatim's Advanced AZO technology, the 4x discs will ensure any recording to be of a superior quality and the broad compatibility of Verbatim's discs make them ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music.


  • Highest level of recording stability
  • Superior archival life
  • For Video (CLV) and Data (CAV) applications
  • Rewritable
  • Write speed 4X
  • Disc Capacity 4.7GB
  • DVD+RW
  • Pack size: 25
  • Brand: Verbatim
  • 25 Pack